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What is a Radius Map ?

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Radius maps are required by municipalities as an integral part of a variance application. Typically shown are all properties within a specified distance (100 feet, 200 feet, etc.) of the subject property. Each property use, along with zoning it indicated along with a list of all owners’ names and addresses.

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What is a Construction Survey ?

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Construction surveys may include many different types; but all are used for the “layout” of subdivisions, roads, buildings, etc.

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Is a property corner mark out (stake-out) included with a Title Survey and if not why?

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For the new property owner, the link between the deed description and the reality of standing in his yard is the survey. When there is obvious physical possession, such as fences, walls, and hedge and tree rows (all indicated on the survey) the new owner becomes secure with the knowledge of “where his property is”. On the other hand, when there is no obvious physical possession, the owner sometimes feels that the survey he paid for should also have included a “stake-out” marking his boundaries. For this reason, there exists much...

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