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What Is A Survey ?

A survey map is a drawing prepared by a licensed land surveyor registered in the State of New York, which depicts the mathematical and physical features of a parcel of land with relation to map lines, deeds of record, and/or other pertinent reference data based upon an actual field survey. (Code of Practice for Land Surveys, N.Y.S.A.P.L.S.) According to New York State law, only surveys made by licensed and registered New York Land Surveyors are legal. Only registered Land Surveyors have completed the academic requirements and practical training before licensing. Only registered Land Surveyors are required to maintain the necessary theoretical, practical and ethical standards set by legislation. (New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors)

Why do I need a Survey?

As with everything you purchase you need to know exactly what you are buying.  A Survey, prepared by a New York State licensed land surveyor, will show in detail exactly what you have purchased. Since for most people the purchase of a home is the single largest investment they will ever make every effort should be made to protect that investment. The Survey will confirm that the property shown by the Real Estate agent and described in the contract is in fact the property that was conveyed.
Also, the bank or mortgage company, in order to protect their interest in the property may require a new Survey.

Why is the Survey an important document?

Besides helping you visualize exactly what the property looks like and contains, your Survey gives you a type of protection. In addition to highlighting any encroachments, the Survey will help to identify any other irregularities that may result in legal disputes sometime in the future. The surveyor assumes full professional responsibility for the accuracy of the Survey and therefore may serve as an expert witness in court. The new Survey enhances your Title Insurance Policy.

What are some of the items and issues a Survey may reveal?

  1. The survey will show all existing structures, driveways, walks, walls, fences hedge row, etc., and their relationship to the property line.
  2. The survey will show recorded easements or right of way which may entitle other people to use part of your property.
  3. The Survey will show whether your property is accurately described in your deed.
  4. The Survey will show any encroachments either from your property onto your neighbor or from your neighbor onto your property.

What is a Radius Map ?

Radius maps are required by municipalities as an integral part of a variance application. Typically shown are all properties within a specified distance (100 feet, 200 feet, etc.) of the subject property. Each property use, along with zoning it indicated along with a list of all owners’ names and addresses.

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